• Dr. Max Love

    Dr. Max Love

    A Dystopian Comedy Stage and Screenplay by Robert Joseph Ahola The year is 2030, and we all live in virtual...


  • A Meerkat Christmas

    A Meerkat Christmas

    A "PG" Christmas Comedy in Two Acts 3 M 4F.
1 Hour & 30 Minutes. It is late December and the...


  • The Last Othello

    The Last Othello

    A Drama in One Act 1 M 2 F. 38 minutes. Paul Robeson and Uta Hagen former lovers who once...


  • The Decline and Fall of Us All

    The Decline and Fall of Us All

    A Dystopian Comedy in Two Acts 4M 3F. Running Time 115 minutes. It is later in the 21st Century and...