Four Iconic Movie “Villains”

Who Were Actually Pretty Good Guys

…I’ve always found it fascinating that so many Hollywood Movie Villains have actually turned out to be broadly admired, very well-liked, and rather accomplished Renaissance men. Case in Point: The “Big Four” of Horror and Suspense: 1) Bela Lugosi; 2) Boris Karloff;...



It’s Not That We’re Leaving Afghanistan.
It’s Why We Ever Went in the First Place. 

Why is anyone surprised at the rapid collapse of the Government and military in Afghanistan? The country is a cultural and political quagmire that has ensnared “conquering nations” for more than 500 years....


Requiem for a Featherweight

How Merrick Garland Has Neutered the DOJ!

For anyone with a functioning brain, Merrick Garland may well have turned out to be the new administration’s very first quisling. More Neville Chamberlain than Aaron Burr, Garland’s net effect at the DOJ has nonetheless been insidiously carcinogenic....