Pepperdine Rugby

Robert Joseph Ahola
Head Coach/Director of Operations

As Head Coach and Director of Rugby Operations, Robert has led Pepperdine Rugby to a 188-78-6 record over the last 15 years. During Spring (2014) Pepperdine advanced to the Elite 8 of NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization) National Finals, acquired a 17-5 record for the fall and spring seasons and achieved a # 14 (of the top 30) National Ranking. Pepperdine previously made it into the USARFU Division II and NSCRO division playoffs 5 of the last 7 years, including reaching the Collegiate DII quarterfinals in 2011 (with a # 18 ranking).

Pepperdine Rugby Football Club has a storied tradition of more than 60 years at Pepperdine University, making it one of the college’s oldest club sports and a staple of the Malibu athletic community.

There are more than 3,000 Rugby Clubs in the United States—approximately 1200 of them at the Collegiate level, including Premier League, Division I, Division II and NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization).

2011 – Pepperdine Rugby  - SCRFU - Collegiate D II Champions
USARFU - ELITE 8 - #18 National Ranking. 

Pepperdine Rugby 2012-2013, GCCIR PLAYOFFS 2013, 10-4 record

Pepperdine Rugby 2012-2013, GCCIR PLAYOFFS 2013, 10-4 record

2014_No. 14_NSCRO
2014 – Pepperdine Rugby
Gold Coast Intercollegiate Rugby – Small College Champions
NSCRO – National Small College ELITE 8 –
#14 National Ranking