• Africa Arrives

    Africa Arrives

    Finally: A book that shows Africa for what it really is—Your Best Bet Gold-Mine Global Market for the Next 100...


  • The Hedge

    The Hedge

    THE HEDGE is that rare story that takes a candid personal memoir and melds it into a bold portrait of...


  • The Goddesses of Malibu

    The Goddesses of Malibu

    Coming Soon! A Novel by Maxwell Dodd Fortuna* If you were to describe The Goddesses of Malibu in a single...


  • Aloe Vera The New Millennium

    Aloe Vera The New Millennium

    Every once in a while, a book comes along that redefines the genre. This special 2003 edition of Aloe Vera...


  • The Silent Healer

    The Silent Healer

    For more than thirty years, The Silent Healer has been the definitive sourcebook on Aloe Vera in the world. Truly...


  • Delusion is Good

    Delusion is Good

    "A delusionist at the outset is a visionary in the end." You were by birthright meant to fly... This begins...


  • The Return of the Hummingbird Wizard

    The Return of the Hummingbird Wizard

    A Hollywood producer diagnosed with terminal cancer is suddenly befriended by a hummingbird on his hillside home in Malibu -...


  • I, Dragon

    I, Dragon

    "The Unicorn are all laid low. The Gryphon is done in. Chimera and the Mantilough Are whispers on the wind....