A Meerkat Christmas

A "PG" Christmas Comedy in Two Acts

3 M 4F.
1 Hour & 30 Minutes.

It is late December and the Jacobsen family - a lovable if slightly neurotic bunch of overachievers - is about to spend another Christmas underfunded and ever-so-slightly out of sync.

Into this happy holiday comes youngest daughter, Erin who at twenty-three is bringing home her third fiancee in as many years - an older fallen billionaire who is living in his rusted out '62 Bentley and is also celebrating his seventieth birthday on Christmas Day!

His name is Kristoff Meerkat Elwing III, and very much like his name he doesn't appear to have an enemy in the world. Or does he? Just who is this mysterious Christmas guest? And what kind of Christmas does he bring with him? Whatever it is, it will be one that no one will ever forget. The perfect story for Christmas, A Meerkat Christmas is full of surprises. And in the end redemption is the final gift that it gives.

*Published in 2009

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