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At one time, Robert was the most private person in the world. Then, back in 2006, he found out that people were mistaking him for a lot of other Robert Aholas (not the least of whom was a scientologist in the entertainment business). So, he decided to create a website, expand all references to himself and came to realize that he actually had something to talk about.


At that time, Robert decided to use his full name - Robert Joseph Ahola - which clears up any misconceptions about copyright and authorship and actually makes for a better numerology (if you believe in that sort of thing).


Robert has lived in five foreign countries - England, Scotland, France, Mexico, and Texas - and speaks four foreign languages, including Spanish, Italian, Stoner Patois and fluent articulate English.


He has filmed commercials, TV productions or documentary films in about 17 countries - including many of the nations of Europe, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Central America - and on at least one astral body.

about robert

Robert Joseph Ahola is an author, playwright, producer and director who lives in Malibu, California. As CEO of Galahad Films, he has written and produced over 300 films, commercials and documentaries for television, satellite, and private distribution.

He has authored a number of published and/or produced plays, including The Year of the Tiger, HIGH TEA/With His Excellency, Dr. Max Love, Judas Agonistes, SCOREKEEPER, A Meerkat Christmas, The Last Othello and Pavlov's Cats.

Robert has also scripted five screenplays for films and television that have either been produced or are currently in production. Among them: WORLD CLASS/The Jerry Quarry Story (currently in development), Synchronicity, and One Hour of Madness and Joy (a drama based on Walt Whitman's, The Leaves of Grass, currently in post-production).

And he has been the editor and publisher of various magazines, including JAVA, Leverage and The Invisible Quarterly.

An environmentalist and animal rights activist, Mr. Ahola is an author/co-author of fourteen published books including The Silent Healer, 101 Ways to Make a Difference, The Return of the Hummingbird Wizard, I, Dragon, and Delusion is Good.

A winner of three Clios, he is a Board Member of the Malibu Stage Company, a member of SAG/AFTRA and The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP).

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He was in the advertising business as an Advertising Agency Creative Director for about 12 years. During his early advertising career (the first dozen years), he won about 50 awards for advertising, commercials and design, including three Clios

newly hitched

After being happily single for 44 years, Robert met the beautiful and gifted English actress Susan Denaker in 2012. And they married in august of 2014.

think-tank specialist

For the last 30 years or so, he has applied his gifts as a new product, think-tank specialist toward branding, developing, and marketing more than 100 different wellness products and personal care products for world markets - many of them through the network marketplace.