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“Hello, this is Robert Joseph Ahola. I’m one of those rare bloggers who only writes articles and opinions when he actually believes he has something to say. That way, I can offer something that is original and that I can direct toward raising the “Truth-Bar” that I believe has been so sadly compromised in this climate of socio-political extremes. They tend to be political in nature but cannot be defined by a right or left sentiment as much as they are by what I hope is a reasoned didactic. In fact my original post of any kind was what I titled “The Revenge of Reasonable People.” And I bring what I hope is skillful insight backed up by a boatload of research and facts. My recent article “The Celebritization of Evil” garnered a great deal of thought about the real cause of violence in this country. And my upcoming, “R.I.P. GOP!” is guaranteed to upset just about everyone with a political point of view.

 Branding and New Product Development…


A career expert in branding, designing and developing new products for food companies, retail giants and health and nutrition conglomerates, Robert Joseph Ahola has generated dozens of new product models, advertising campaigns and national test market launches for such corporations as Pillsbury, General Mills, RJR Nabisco, Kimberly-Clark, International Dairy Queen, Neiman Marcus and The Nostalgia Network.

Neiman Marcus

An expert in product and corporate branding, new product creation, image development and launching of both Nutrition and Network Marketing Companies, Robert has helped launch, brand and build images for such companies as Nikken, Gano Excel, Alphay International, NSA, Shaklee International, Natrol, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Quorum, Coats Aloe and Forever Living Products.

Forever Living Products

Working as a Political Consultant and Publicist for key political groups, Robert has written, produced and directed numerous ad campaigns plus radio and television commercials for such clients as Reagan for President Campaign (1980), Perot ‘92, and various Senatorial and Congressional races.

Ross Perot


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