Portfolio Category: Plays

High Tea / With his Excellency

A Play in Three Acts

3 M 4F 130 minutes Comedy with Drama Suitable for Adults.

A proper English Baron stranded in a small Texas town regularly takes "high tea" with the local country club ladies, only to have their reverie interrupted by a crude...


Dr. Max Love

A Dystopian Comedy

Stage and Screenplay by Robert Joseph Ahola

The year is 2030, and we all live in virtual worlds; Dr Max Love has come to rescue us from them. What begins as a time future sex comedy ends in a Chinese box and asks the...


A Meerkat Christmas

A "PG" Christmas Comedy in Two Acts

3 M 4F.
1 Hour & 30 Minutes.

It is late December and the Jacobsen family - a lovable if slightly neurotic bunch of overachievers - is about to spend another Christmas underfunded and ever-so-slightly out of sync.


The Last Othello

A Drama in One Act

1 M 2 F. 38 minutes.

Paul Robeson and Uta Hagen former lovers who once headlined the longest running Shakespeare ever on Broadway, and who spent a large portion of their careers on "The HUAC Blacklist," meet backstage 20 years later, just...