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Narcissus: The Last Days of Lord Byron*

A DRAMA IN TWO ACTS. 5 M 6F. Running Time 125 minutes. George Gordon Lord Byron-poet, satirist, raconteur, phenomenal athlete, animal rights activist, duelist, political revolutionary, bisexual incestuous womanizer, loyal loving friend and generous philanthropist—also became in the very invention of Celebrity. Vain, flamboyant, indiscreet and yet surprisingly self-aware, Byron is perhaps the first man to...

Finding the Greater Fool

A Comedy in One Act

4 M 1F. Running Time 30 minutes. The Rogues’ Roundtable — an annual convention of the world's most renowned con artists, forgers, and swindlers — convenes in Ibiza, Spain every year. In the midst of this, an elite core group of multimillionaire bunko artists are holding a cocktail party...

Pavlov’s Cats

A Comedy in Two Acts (Or Three if you like)

4 M 4F 105 minutes

Comedy Suitable for Adults. When two apprentice angels decide to meddle in the lives of four high-profile human beings things can get pretty messy, especially when Lucifer drops in to...