The Goddesses of Malibu

Coming Soon!

A Novel by Maxwell Dodd Fortuna*

If you were to describe The Goddesses of Malibu in a single sentence, it would have to be one of the following (please check one):

A) The Absolute Bible of Male Chauvinism

B) A nonstop Jeremiad in favor of unfettered Women's Liberation

C) A wicked, nasty satire on the absurdity of Sexual Politics

D) A no-holds-barred undressing of jaded Hollywood and the World Capital of Entitlement - Malibu, California

E) A profane and utterly irreverent approach to the Human Comedy with strong spiritual overtones

F) An indictment of the insanity of Star Worship as a growing global pandemic

G) A pretty damned good whodunit

H) All of the above

*The Evil Alter-ego of Robert Joseph Ahola.

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