Scorekeeper-The Uncertain Future of Unconditional Love

A Comedy in Two Acts

4 M 3 F 105 minutes (including two outrageous ten-minute plays within a play)

Tony Award winning playwright and producer Christopher Mummer is on a one man crusade to stop the “terminal dumbing down of America.” Now confined to a wheelchair, Mummer has banished himself to his own small playhouse somewhere in Connecticut, where he has grown obsessed with the unforgivable mongrelization of American arts and letters. And he will do anything necessary to fight if off - even if it means stooping to put on a ten-minute play festival to do so. Raucous, bawdy, outspoken and utterly outrageous, SCOREKEEPER is the innovative playhouse’s dream come true (and the gutless tepid blue-haired, limp-wristed small-minded uptight community theatre’s worst nightmare). “Bring your imagination and some balls for this one. Otherwise, go watch I Love Lucy reruns and drink some bleach.”

Suitable for Adults.
* Published in 2008. JAC Publications

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