I, Dragon

"The Unicorn are all laid low.
The Gryphon is done in.
Chimera and the Mantilough
Are whispers on the wind.
Of all the Mystics bold and proud,
Only the Dragon still flies
Riding clouds in far forbidden skies."

All other tales you've read about dragons are lies and fabrication. This is the true story of the plot to steal man's imagination by the eradication of all the Mystic Beasts and their attempted removal from human memory - as told by the 3000-year-old dragon who survived it.

Passionately penned as literary fiction, I Dragon is the first in a two-book saga that takes us on a journey to dimensions between Heaven and Hell, between man and Mystic Beast. In doing so it has already garnered a justly earned reputation as a "one-of-a-kind" masterpiece of mystical fiction," and is being followed in this dualogy by its sequel, Beelzebub, to be published in 2016.



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