Aloe Vera The New Millennium

Every once in a while, a book comes along that redefines the genre. This special 2003 edition of Aloe Vera - The New Millennium is such a work. In it you will find a wellness well source of new breakthroughs in Aloe Vera research and technology from the last thirty years.

Aloe Vera's pivotal role in the new global wellness movement.

'Aloe All Stars.' Aloe Vera in the new world of Athletics.

Aloe Vera's role in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

AIDS, Cancer and the Aloe Answer. How Aloe Vera has broken through to these persistent dragons of world health.

New Paradigms in Personal Care. What bold new inroads Aloe Vera has made in cosmetology, skin care, aesthetics and plastic surgery.

Millennium Veterinary Breakthroughs. How many modern vets are using Aloe Vera to help our creature companions, both large and small.

Personal perspectives by the man who is acknowledged worldwide as the 'father of modern Aloe Vera.'

If you could only have five complete wellness guidebooks for the next dozen years, this should be one of them.


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