A Tear in the Desert

Christian Peschken and Robert Joseph Ahola, co-creators [2010]

 A Tear in the Desert is a film unlike any other in that it is a “war story” that transcends the meaning of war. In doing so, it pierces the ugly mask of death, destruction and dismemberment and finds its way straight into the subtext of redemption and the core of human heart.

It is August, 2004: Father Ron Moses Camarda is a career Navy Chaplain and devout man of faith who has just realized his worst nightmare. Near retirement after 20 years of military service, he finds that for his last tour of duty he is being shipped out to tend the wounded and dying Marines and soldiers in the war-torn regions of Iraq; specifically in the very Devil’s anvil of combat in Falloujah, a city retaken by Muslim guerrilla forces.

 A Tear in the Desert is more than a war film. It is an answered prayer in the heart of darkness. It is a very testament to the fact that, in the end, each man — even from the darkest part of himself — reaches out to touch God; and does.

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