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George H.W. Bush: “The Last Unicorn”

A Paean to a Quiet Competent Statesman

The death of President George H.W. Bush at 94 came as no surprise. He departed this life as he held onto it…with a kind of innocent gusto, enjoying every minute without ever trying to draw attention to himself. And yet there were times when his visible presence was reassurance...

The Quantum American Violence Cocktail

GUNS and a Whole Lot More…

A terrible thing happened to me in the wake of the school shooting at Santa Fe, Texas last week. I blocked it out. It took place on a Friday afternoon. And I didn’t want to hear about it. I went numb and then sought some other forms of diversion. The...

Final Portrait

…Should Have Been Named “The Last Straw.”

At last there is a movie that is very literally about as exciting as watching paint dry. And it’s appropriately titled Final Portrait. It gets Two Stars from me if for no other reason than the fact that Geoffrey Rush gets a star just for showing up. Otherwise this...

The Hypocrisy of Outrage

Harvey Weinstein. Me Too. And the Complicity of Ambition.

I’ve been observing all the fallout from the Hollywood “sexual predator” scandals, the offshoots of “Hurricane Harvey,” and finally just had to drop in my two cents worth. And I for one think we should all thank Harvey Weinstein for breaking out like a bull-rhino and finally smashing...

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