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Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said: “In the future, there will be two kinds of people. Those who have their own website. And those who don’t exist.”

Since I found consideration of the alternative to be rather undesirable, I have opted to step out of my obsessions with privacy and into the light of day. And since I’ve been involved in media, television and film for nearly three decades - and since I’ve published many books, plays and screenplays - my friends and associates thought it rather silly of me not to put something online about it. So, in 2006, I first came out with www.robertahola.com (or www.robertjosephahola.com in case you need to get fancy). I did so in hopes of letting you know what I’ve been up to from time to time, as well as what might be on my somewhat troubled mind.

Recently, we’ve been updating this site to reward your loyal visitations and keep you up to speed. I know that by now we’re all on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and whatever the next media Zeitgeist will be. Still, I think the personal touch and available hotlinks to let you know about all that’s going on with Robert Joseph Ahola and his small corner of the universe, remains the best way to go. Thanks as always for taking the time to visit me here, and occasionally to find out what new angels and demons have crept into my consciousness.

To accomplish that, I will be putting up a Blog, if for no other reason than to get a few issues about art and politics off my chest. Here’s hoping you’ll find them interesting on occasion, and if you do, that you tell your friends about it. Thanks for thinking of me…and as always for being a light in the darkness.

All the best,

- Robert Ahola

It is the artist’s obligation to impassion
others to feel life at a deeper level.
— Robert Joseph Ahola

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